AC Goldberg from Transplaining returns to give us a crash course in the basics of working with trans patients, family members, and colleagues.  

Our next Proud Professional is AC Goldberg from Transplaining. We learn about his journey as a trans SLP, the origins of Transplaining, and an unexpected connection between AC and Natalie is revealed.

Maurice Goodwin joins us from Houston, Texas.  We learn about his experiences in conversion therapy, a fateful conference that set him on his way to being an SLP, being a queer voice therapist, and more. 

Proud Professional Rebecca Von Duering talks about growing up in a military family, a funny accidental outing, student loan debt, and more!  

What is intersectionality?  Where did the term originate?  How does it relate to the profession of Speech-Language Pathology?  Hector and Natalie answer these questions, and more. 

The Intersectionality Wars

The Urgency of Intersectionality

I've Lived as a Man and a Woman, Here's What I've Learned

Our newest Proud Professional, Wes Chernin, talks about his queer SLP experience.

Q Inclusion

Lavender SLP Instagram

What is Diversity and Inclusion?  Hector and Natalie define it, examine how our profession is doing on D&I, then look at ourselves to see what more we can be doing.

Hector and Natalie discuss coming out at work.  How do you come out at work?  Should you come out at work?  Why would you want to come out at work?  We answer it all!

Learn more about Natalie's experiences coming out and being a queer Speech-Language Pathologist.

Hector talks about his experiences as a gay speech-language pathologist.

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