Special guest Carly Jones gives their perspective as a neurodiverse, nonbinary SLP. 

Natalie surprises Hector with a mystery topic!  What do you know about stereotypes?  How do stereotypes affect the way you treat your clients, your colleagues, and yourself?



This Book is Gay by Juno Dawson

How to be an Ally from the American Bar Association


Natalie's 2005 a cappella concert (not suitable for kids, NSFW)

New Jersey SLP Christopher Donoso shares his proud professional story. 

Jena Castro-Casbon of The Independent Clinician joins us for a conversation about being a queer professional in private practice.

We're ready branch out into another allied health profession!  Hector and Natalie are joined by Alvin Pineda, Occupational Therapist of OT Outside the Box. Alvin gives us a crash course on what Occupational Therapists do and describes his experience as a queer OT.  How are LGBTQIA+ issues in Speech-Language Pathology and Occupational Therapy the same? How are they different?

Connor Mahon of LGBTQ+ CSD Student Association talks about applying to grad school, starting student diversity groups, cultural competency, and more.

Our first international Proud Professional, Niall Taylor of The NBSP speaks about being an SLP in Australia.

It's been a while!  Hector and Natalie talk about what's been going on this summer and how they're preparing for returning to school.

The Queer SLP

The Queer SLP's Patreon Page

A multigenerational SLP conversation!  Jim (Baby Boomer), Natalie (Gen-X), Hector (Millenial), and Alyssa (Gen-Y) talk queer history.

Jim Cartwright of Speech Paths for Compassion and Social Justice joins us to tell his Proud Professional story. 

WARNING: This episode contains discussions of sexual assault and domestic violence.  Listener discretion advised.

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