It's been a while!  Hector and Natalie talk about what's been going on this summer and how they're preparing for returning to school.

The Queer SLP

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A multigenerational SLP conversation!  Jim (Baby Boomer), Natalie (Gen-X), Hector (Millenial), and Alyssa (Gen-Y) talk queer history.

Jim Cartwright of Speech Paths for Compassion and Social Justice joins us to tell his Proud Professional story. 

WARNING: This episode contains discussions of sexual assault and domestic violence.  Listener discretion advised.

Hector and Natalie discuss the question whether there's a common personality type among SLPs.  

Lauren Sharpe-Payne returns to have a conversation with Hector and Natalie about racism in the professional environment and within the queer community. Articles discussed include Racism runs deep in professionalism culture, White gay privilege exists all year, but it is particularly hurtful during Pride, and Measuring Multiple Minority Stress: The LGBT People of Color Microaggressions Scale.

Lauren Sharpe-Payne of Speak from the Heart speaks about her coming out story, how she decided she wanted to be an SLP, transitioning from pediatric to adult therapy, and more!

Shayne Kimble returns to tell us his proud professional story.  Discussions include queer role models, family dynamics when coming out, being a male therapist in the NICU, and more!

Light the candles and turn on the mood music.  Shayne Kimble joins Natalie and Hector in a discussion about dating as a queer professional.

NOTE: Some may consider this sensitive content. We also acknowledge these are our own thoughts and opinions alone and do not represent the entire LGBTQ+ community. If you aren’t comfortable with this topic just don’t listen. However, if you do decide to listen we will not accept any form of shaming. This is a safe space that embraces different strokes for different folxs.

AC Goldberg from Transplaining returns to give us a crash course in the basics of working with trans patients, family members, and colleagues.  

Our next Proud Professional is AC Goldberg from Transplaining. We learn about his journey as a trans SLP, the origins of Transplaining, and an unexpected connection between AC and Natalie is revealed.

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